2012, The Ballad of Zebadiah Arrington, 3D animation, 07:42

The Ballad of Zebadiah Arrington is an animation by Australian artist Royce Ng which recreates the experience of Chicago street artist Zebadiah Arrington's time in the US prison system on vandalism offenses in New York, Chicago and Boston. Having met Arrington during a residency in Gwangju , South Korea, Ng has reimagined the various urban environments, prisons and cities based on Arrington's descriptions to create an animated film which juxtaposes these scenes with footagefrom Arrington's graffiti activities in Gwangju city. The entire narrative is juxtaposed with the traditional Korean story of 'Chunhyangjeon', which mirrors Arrington's own experiences as a story based on a cross cultural relationship riven by imprisonment, while the accompanying soundtrack utilizes the pansori opera retelling of
'Chunhyangjeon' to reflect the local history and context of where the work came into being.